Book arrival

The Book Arrival

I saw my actual book today. Not a Word doc. Not a printer’s proof. Not loose pages with edits. Not a PDF. The real book. The truck from the midwest was scheduled to arrive on Thursday. On that day, I felt like Navin R. Johnson when the phone books came out. “I’m somebody now!...

Kim Varney Chandler

The Book Launch

As I write this, Covered Bridges of New Hampshire is being printed. Somewhere in middle America, my words and photographs are being superimposed onto 288 full-color pages and bound together. In a few weeks, the boxes will arrive and it will be time to celebrate. I’m excited to share that the book launch event...

County Bridge

The Beginning

Excerpt from Covered Bridges of New Hampshire, © Kim Varney Chandler, 2022 My love of history began by chance, really, in a college course that I selected to fulfill a general education requirement. Professor Charles Clark’s New Hampshire History course sparked a lifelong desire to research the places I live and the people who...

CBNH Book Cover

The Book

It’s official. Covered Bridges of New Hampshire is scheduled to be released on November 15, 2022. It feels a little surreal to say I wrote a book. I have always had a reverence for books. Books are a ubiquitous part of our culture – bookstores, book swaps, book clubs, bookshelves, bookends, notebooks, cookbooks, playbooks,...

Christmas 2021

The Christmas Card

Every year since 2003 my husband and I have taken posed photos for our annual Christmas card. Merry Christmas from the Chandlers! (Note: There is no apostrophe after Chandler. You’re welcome.) The first year of our photoshoot we had two kids and three dogs in the shot. Getting seven beings to cooperate was challenging...

Mechanic Street Bridge

The List

I like to make lists. Just ask my husband. He loves it when I leave lists of things for him to do around the house. What I like more than making a list is crossing things off the list. Over the past ten years, I’ve created several lists. The first was renovating every one...

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