New Hampshire’s Covered Bridges

Below are photos and details for New Hampshire’s covered bridges. Plan to visit them all? Use this handy checklist to keep track!

State of New Hampshire Numbered Bridges

Ashuelot Bridge, Winchester, No. 1

Ashuelot Bridge

Coombs Bridge, Winchester, No. 2

Coombs 22 © KVC

Slate Bridge, Swanzey, No. 4

Slate Bridge

West Swanzey Bridge, Swanzey, No. 5

Thompson Bridge

Sawyer’s Crossing Bridge, Swanzey, No. 6

Sawyer's Crossing Bridge

Carlton Bridge, Swanzey, No. 7

Hancock-Greenfield Bridge, Hancock & Greenfield, No. 8

County Bridge

Rowell Bridge, West Hopkinton, No. 9

Contoocook Railroad Bridge, Hopkinton, No. 10

Dalton Bridge, Warner, No. 12

Waterloo Bridge, Warner, No. 13

Bement Bridge, Bradford, No. 14

Keniston Bridge, Andover, No. 15

Cilleyville-Bog Bridge, Andover, No. 16

Corbin Bridge, Newport, No. 17

McDermott Bridge, Langdon, No. 18

Prentiss Bridge, Langdon, No. 19

Cornish-Windsor Bridge, Cornish, NH & Windsor, VT, No. 20

Blacksmith Shop Bridge, Cornish, No. 21

Dingleton Hill Bridge, Cornish, No. 22

Blow-Me-Down Bridge, Cornish, No. 23

Meriden Bridge, Plainfield, No. 24

Edgell Bridge, Lyme, No. 25

Haverhill-Bath Bridge, Haverhill & Bath, No. 27

Bath Bridge, Bath, No. 28

Swiftwater Bridge, Bath, No. 29

Mount Orne Bridge, Lancaster, NH & Lunenburg, VT, No. 30

Mechanic Street Bridge, Lancaster, No. 31

Groveton Bridge, Northumberland, No. 32

Columbia Bridge, Columbia, NH & Lemington, VT, No. 33

Pittsburg-Clarksville Bridge, Pittsburg & Clarksville, No. 34

Happy Corner Bridge, Pittsburg, No. 35

River Road Bridge, Pittsburg, No. 36

Stark Bridge, Stark, No. 37

Sentinel Pine Bridge, Franconia Notch, No. 38

Flume Bridge, Franconia Notch, No. 39

Blair Bridge, Campton, No. 41

Turkey Jim’s Bridge, Campton, No. 42

Bump Bridge, Campton, No. 43

Smith Millennium Bridge, Plymouth, No. 44

Durgin Bridge, Sandwich, No. 45

Whittier Bridge, Ossipee, No. 46

Swift River Bridge, Conway, No. 47

Saco River Bridge, Conway, No. 48

Albany Bridge, Albany, No. 49

Bartlett Bridge, Bartlett, No. 50

Jackson Bridge, Jackson, No. 51

Pier Railroad Bridge, Newport, No. 57

Wright’s Railroad Bridge, Newport, No. 58

Sulphite Railroad Bridge, Franklin, No. 62

New England College Bridge, Henniker, No. 63

Clark’s Bridge, Lincoln, No. 64

Squam River Bridge, Ashland, No. 65

Stowell Road Bridge, Merrimack, No. 66

Packard Hill Bridge, Lebanon, No. 67

Tannery Hill Bridge, Gilford, No. 68

Stoney Morrell Bridge, Conway, No. 70

Friendship Bridge, Wentworth, No. 71

Non-numbered Bridges

Snyder Brook Boxed Pony Bridge, Randolph

Old Russell Hill Road Boxed Pony Bridge, Wilton

Rollins Farm Boxed Pony Bridge, Rollinsford

Jack O’Lantern Bridge, Woodstock

Sugar River Bridge, Sunapee

Wason Pond Bridge, Chester

Wentworth Bridge, Wentworth

Nissitissit Bridge, Brookline

Riverwalk Bridge, Littleton

Slippery Rock Bridge, Belmont

Rail Trail Bridge, Belmont

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