Hello, covered bridge people!

This journey to research covered bridges has taken me all over the state to libraries, historical societies, and town and state offices, where I poured through old documents looking for any tidbits of the history of these bridges. Along the way, I met over two hundred people who care for these historic structures.

What I learned could fill a book. Actually, I learned more than could fit in a book, and hence, this podcast. 

Join me as I interview members of the bridge community who have worked to preserve these historic structures. Whether you’re a covered bridge expert or know very little about covered bridges, this podcast is for you. 

We will talk about preservation and restoration efforts. We will learn about the bridgewrights who built the bridges in the first place and those who have saved them from being lost to history. We will talk about communities, history, trusses, local legends, and all things covered bridges! 

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